An event such as this, planned and hosted by volunteers, is totally dependent on the generosity of others with volunteer’s hearts. There will be many areas we will need help to make this happen and we would love to have you participate to be part of the fun, and yes, part of the work.

Saturday shifts are: 9am - 1pm; 12 Noon - 4 pm; 3pm - 7pm; 6pm-9pm

Sunday Shifts are: 8 - Noon

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Thank you for your interest in participating in Rotary Festival 2019. We are happy to be planning for our event boasting weekend attendance of nearly 10,000 visitors. This year is expected to be even better than the last!

Rotary realizes the importance of community-based activities and wants to provide a fun-filled and profitable weekend for the Clubs and for our vendors. And it takes many volunteers to get all of this done!!!

If you can join us by volunteering your time and your energy, we will truly appreciate it. We will need help at the gate, help with keeping the grounds clean, help with running some of the attractions, and more! Please know you are needed.

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